Drag Queen Story Hour UK


Party! Party! Party! We have a great festival package where storytimes come to life in whichever situation one can face in the "field"! We are a well known act in the festival industry having performed at numerous large festivals including The Greenman Festival, Latitude Festival, Bear Grylls' "Gone Wild" Festival, and Brighton Festival!

Festival Storytime Shows

Pantomime in a festival? Our performers are trained with young people to keep them entertained and excited throughout the whole storytime show!

Festival Drag Hosts

Hosting! Hosting! Hosting! Roll up, roll up!
We want all events that celebrate drag to celebrate it to the best of your ability. Let us take your event to the next level!

Story Hour Bus

A double decker storytime bus, with lights, speakers, DJ sets, a small stage, and a massive series of storytime acts that put on a show for all ages!